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Armenian Apostolic Church Library Online

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The purpose of this online library is to promote free Christian learning. All of the documents found on Armenian Apostolic (Orthodox) Church Library can be used fully free of charge for non-commercial purposes only. We encourage you to include materials from this website in parish newsletters, Sunday School, or your own personal study. We currently have a variety of authors, topics, and mp3 sermons; these resources are in English, Modern Armenian, and Krapar. Our collection is growing rapidly, and we already have the Jamagirk Adeni (the 300 page Book of Hourly Prayers) in addition to the Bible in English, Western Armenian, and Eastern Armenian. We hope to soon have such monumental books as the Mashdotz, the complete Sharagan book, and The Teachings According to St. Gregory (in Krapar and hopefully in English as well). Some of our materials involve technical theology, while others are easy reading. To save any of the files to your harddrive, just right-click on the link and select the "Save As" option.

You'll find various categories and subcategories. You can look for books and articles either by subject (e.g., Badarak) or by author (e.g., Findikyan).

Newest resources added (updates):
Accepting Our Cross - Armenian & English (Added September 11th, 2005)
Why we labor - English & Armenian
(Added September 4th, 2005) In this sermon, Fr. Vazken challenges us to think about the purpose of what we do.
The entire website has been translated into Russian. Just click on a Russian flag at the top of any page! (Added July 31st, 2005)
Wolves Among Us - English
This article describes religious cults (sects) including the Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, and Christian Scientists, and why these groups are not Christian even though they claim to be. Background information, history, and the major doctrines of these cults is included. (Added November 4th, 2004)
Eastern Armenian Bible (Added October 30th, 2004)
Jamagirk Adeni (the 300 page Book of Hourly Prayers) (Added October 30th, 2004) - Classical Armenian
An Overlooked Author of the Golden Age: Catholicos Hovhan Mandakuni (in office 478 - 501) - English
Professor Abraham Terian of St. Nersess Armenian Seminary (Added October 21st, 2004)
Shoghakat Television Studio's Teaching Videos on the Holy Badarak (Divine Liturgy) (Added October 17th, 2004)
Fr. Daniel Findikyan's Sermon page (Added October 17th, 2004)
The long awaited Armenian translation of the website is finally here! Just click on Հայերեն (Added August 2nd, 2004)
Four new sermons added to Fr. Vazken Movsesian's Video Sermons (Added May 21th, 2004) - Armenian
Facts and Visions by Bishop Terenig Poladian (Added May 3rd, 2004) - English
British Reaction Regarding the First Massacres in Turkey by Archbishop Arsen Berberian. (Added March 23rd, 2004) - English

Please note:   Some resources on this website teach the doctrine of the Armenian Apostolic (Orthodox) Church (e.g., The Nicene Creed). Other resources are editorials by individual priests. Whereas every Armenian Apostolic Christian should agree with all of our Church's doctrine, they may disagree on particular opinions contained within an editorial. Such disagreement is healthy, and leads to loving discussions of brothers and sisters seeking truth together. And let us also remember that our Church has ordained priests and deacons with the authority and responsibility to teach and preach authoritatively.

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